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Monday, April 30, 2012

CVS: My Shopping Trips

This is a great week for couponing at CVS especially since the coupon center is spitting out some good coupons that you can stack with manufacture coupons to make for even bigger savings, so be sure to scan your card at the coupon center and keep scanning until it prints everything, you might get some great surprises like a $15/1 off Physician's Formula which I plan on using tomorrow!

Anywho, I had a great mini-session at CVS on my lunch break today and scored the following...
4 -  OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Meters - sale $10 each
2 - Lady Speed Stick - 2/$5
2 - Colgate toothpastes - $2.99 each
1 - Cottenelle Roll Cover - $1.99
Total = $52.97
Used 4-$10/1 OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Meters MQ
Used 1-Speed Stick - Buy One Get One Free MQ
Used 2-$1/1 Colgate MQ
Used 2-$1/1 Any toothpaste CVS coupon
Used 2-$1/1 Any deodorant CVS coupon
Used $4.98 ECBs from last week
Paid $1.55 and received $6.97 in ECB for Colgate and Cottenelle

After that, I had an even better trip this evening and I am still impressed at the savings and this just reinforced to me how much I just love couponing and could never revert back to not using them! So, here's my 2nd shopping trip...

2-Tostitos Chips - 2/$6
2-Lays Chips - 2/$6
2-Pantene products - 2/$6.97
2-Speed Stick deodorants - 2/$5
2-Colgate toothpastes - $2.99 each
1-One Touch UltraMini - sale $10
1-Cottenelle Roll Cover $2.19
2-Crush Orange soda - 2/$3
1-Puffs tissue box - $0.99
2-Quaker Chewy bars - $2.19 each
3-Dawn Hand Renewal soap - $0.99 each
Total = $53.49
Used 1-$1/2 Lays MQ
Used 1-$1/2 Tostitos MQ
Used 1-Pantene Buy One Get One Free MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Pantene MQ
Used 2-$1/1 Colgate MQ
Used 2-$1/1 Any toothpaste CVS coupon
Used 1-Speed Stick Buy One Get One Free MQ
Used 2-$1/1 Any deodorant CVS coupon
Used 1-$1/2 Quaker chewy bars MQ
Used 1-Crush Buy One Get One Free MQ
Used 1-$10/1 OneTouch Ultra Mini MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Puff's tissue MQ
Used 3-$0.50/1 Dawn MQ
Used 25% off CVS coupon - took off $20
Used $2 ECB 
Paid $1.30 after tax and received $8.97 in ECBs for Pantene, Colgate, Cottenelle, & Green bag tag

Spent $2.85 out of pocket 
Received $15.94 in ECBs
Which is like getting everything you see above for free and having $13.09 in ECBs for my next adventures :) Plus I will be donating the OneTouch Meters to a local clinic

New P&G Rebate

If you love P&G products, you'll love this new rebate!

Just spend $50 (before coupons) to receive a $10 VISA gift card - so be sure to save your receipts and click here to print the rebate form http://www.pgbeautyolympics.com/OlympicRebate.pdf

I just love P&G products myself and just received the $15 MasterCard rebate last week from their last promotion and after using coupons on the products I spent only about $20 to receive the rebate - which comes out to spending only $5 for over $50 worth of products after receiving the rebate.

Happy Shopping!

Much thanks to www.livingrichwithcoupons.com for the link

CVS: Weekly Sunday Trip

I made an unexpected find at my weekly Sunday trip to CVS for newspapers today :)

I decided to just wander around the store a bit and check out any new items on clearance and found two Bake Pop sets - I just love baking and have been wanting to try my hand at making my own cake pops - so I quickly snatched up one of the sets and headed to check out since I had a ton of ECBs to use up - which, even better than being on sale for only $9.89, made this absolutely FREE for me, I did two transactions here...

Transaction #1
3 - Sunday Papers - $2.00
1 - Cottenelle Roll Cover - $2.19
Total = $8.19
Used 25% off CVS coupon
Used $6 ECB from last week
Paid just $0.66 after tax and received $1.99 ECB for the Cottenelle roll

Transaction #2
1 - Bake Pop set - $9.89
1 - Cottenelle Roll Cover - $2.19
Total = $12.08
Used 25% off CVS coupon
Used $10.98 ECB from last week
Paid just $1.13 after tax and received another $1.99 for the Cottenelle roll

Which totals to a profit of $2.19 and I will be quickly putting these ECBs to use tomorrow to score some more great deals going on this week - stay tuned!

Reach Floss Freebie

There is a new $1/1 coupon available over at Reach Brand's website - this coupon makes for lots of opportunities to score free Reach Floss at stores like Walmart and Target which sells these for just $0.97-.$0.99 and this week at Walgreens, they also have the floss on sale for just $0.99

Walgreens Ad

Thanks www.hip2save.com for the tip

Free OneTouch Blood Meter

If you have the need for it or a desire to donate some of these, you can score them completely free at CVS and Walgreens this week, here's how...

This week at CVS, these meters are on sale for just $10 and if you picked up today's paper, there is a $10 off coupon which makes them FREE and if you didn't happen to get the paper, you can still score these for free with the $10 off coupon available at www.coupons.com under "health care"

Over at Walgreeens, these are priced at $19.99 and if you use one of the coupons mentioned above along with the $10 off coupon from the May Walgreens Coupon booklet (found in stores) you can still score these for free - Keep in mind that with Walgreens coupon policy, if you want to use two coupons to score this for free you will need to buy something else along with this product (the product can be anything you want so be sure to check the clearance section for cheap finds if need be)