Friday, April 20, 2012

Target: Coupon Spree

I spent a couple of hours this week planning my largest coupon trip to date and tonight I put it all into action and my savings were tremendous!!

I got a little nervous seeing my total sitting at $126.89 before my coupons and tax...
After it was all said and done I used 52 coupons and saved nearly $99 for these 38 items, with a grand total of only $42.49 out of pocket! PLUS the Dora DVD comes with a magazine rebate of $7.42 that I will submit for which brings my total down to just


Plus I picked up Zumba Rush (since I'm still trying to lose weight *sigh*) - which is 20% off this week for $39.99 - so I saved an additional $12 for a overall savings of.....
 $111.00 :))))

TIP: Don't forget to sign up for a Target Debit to save an additional 5% off every purchase you make at Target stores and online! 


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