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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11.27: CVS Freebies + Links

So I just got back from CVS and I'm super excited that I was able to pick up $30 worth of products for absolutely free and I didn't use one single ExtraCare Buck - which is awesome because that just means I had $30 worth of coupons to use to make my purchase free - this is a first for me :)

Anyhoo, I needed to run out to get some cold medicine for my daughter who has come down with a little something and of course, I already have a stock of children's cold medicine but nothing with nighttime relief so that was my mission so that she (AND I!!!) could get some sleep tonight. So when I was pulling out my PediaCare coupons, I noticed a few deals and some coupons that would make for a nice and FREE transaction. Here's my transaction PLUS links to some of the deals which I found at www.hip2save.com #teamColin :)

2-PediaCare Nighttime Relief Cold Remedy - sale $4.99 each
1-Minute Maid juice paick - sale $3.00
1-Planter's Deluxe Mixed Nuts - sale $4.50
5-Essesence of Beauty Hand Lotion - sale $1.66 each
3-Hallmark Holiday Greeting Cards - $0.99 each
1-Orbit mini-pack - $0.69
Total = $29.44
Used 1-$5 off $30 purchase CVS coupon
Used 1-$3 off $10 health care CVS coupon
Used 2-$1/1 PediaCare MQ
Used 5-Free Essence of Beauty Hand Lotion coupons - took off $2.71 each - get yours here!
Used 1-$2 off $3 Hallmark purchase - get yours here!
Used 1-Planter's CVS deal coupon - took off $2.51 - get yours here! (Print Fast! Link Expires at midnight tonight 11/27 - coupon good through tomorrow 11/28)
Used 1-$1/1 Planter's MQ
Paid $0.46 cents on my free $5 gift card (There's still time to score free gift e-cards - click here to make your purchase and for every $25 e-card you give, you will receive a bonus free $5 gift e-card - Also, it's not been verified but you may be able to get cash back through Ebates.com - it's worth a shot! UPDATE: DEAL IS EXPIRED!)

Grand total = FREE! + I received $1 ECB for it being my 4th green bag tag scan so this becomes a small money maker transaction

You'll notice that my balance did not make it to $30 before tax and so I purchased the gum as a filler to get my balance to $30 but my math was a little off because the lotion rang up cheaper than I expected yet my cashier still accepted my $5/$30 coupon anyway so yaay! (YMMV) I also did not receive the $3 ECB for the Hallmark card purchase as others reported that they had by purchasing the 0.99 cent cards but you won't find me complaining about that :)

I also have a $1/1 Minute Maid pack coupon that I did use because I had more coupons than my total which happens every now and again :)

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Plato's Closet: Text Club

If you are a fan of Plato's Closet then you'll definitely want to sign up for their Text Club and just for joining they will send you a text for $5 off your next purchase - no minimum purchase required which essentially means you could possibly score a nice freebie or an item for cheap. I'm personally obsessed with scarves which are typically priced at just $5 so I just scored my newest favorite scarf for free!

Just text 'platosrva.we' to 77948 to join in! You may use this at either the Broad Street or Midlothian Turnpike locations here in Richmond.

Come back and let me know what you scored!

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

11.22: CVS - 3 Day Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day with your families on this special holiday.

As we give thanks I must say I am truly thankful to have learned the art of couponing and saving my family money throughout the year and I know I will carry with me the things I've learned this year into so many more!

So while Nana was cooking in the kitchen Jordyn and I took a run out to pick up dinner rolls and a pie, with coupons in hand of course! and while out we decided to stop by CVS since they were open today and I wanted to get a few things off of their 3 Day Sale - we especially needed something to keep Jordyn occupied during the wait before dinner and we found the perfect thing!

Take a look at our trip:

2-Mars Milky Way Simply Caramel - sale $0.75 each
1-Mars Milky Way Bar - rang up $0.50
1-CVS AA 4-pk - sale $3.65
2-CVS Dental Flossers - sale $2.00 each
2-Gum Toothbrush 2-pk - sale $2.50 each
1-Sunbeam Sewing Machine - sale $12.88
1-Discovery Kids Coloring Rocketship - sale $12.99
1-Philips Earbuds - sale $6.99
1-Conair Portable Steamer - $9.99
1-Hello Kitty Ornament - $5.99
Total = $63.49 + tax
Used 1-$10/$50 CVS purchase coupon
Used 1-20% off non-sale items (from the free Medicare Part-D kit) took off $3.20
Used 1-Buy 2 get one Free Milky Way purchase MQ
Used $15.60 in ECBs from prior purchase
Used remaining $2.34 balance on gift card
Paid $31.60
Received another $10/$50 purchase coupon
Received $21.14 in Extra Care Bucks to use on future purchases
Which almost equates to a wash as if I only paid $0.46 cents for this transaction!

She is completely thrilled and ready to blast off - now it's time to color it!

By the way, this IS the extent of any "Black Friday" shopping for me - I prefer to keep my sanity lol

If you dare brave the stores tonight, tomorrow, or have already been waiting in the lines for hours or even days - God-speed! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11.20 - CVS Free Spree!

Don't miss out on the free spree at CVS thru Wednesday, November 21st - that's tomorrow! I nearly missed out myself because I hadn't yet looked at the ad until last night..shame shame! I was surprised to see so many FREE items in the ad. I threw together a plan at midnight last night and headed over after work. I had to tweak my list on the fly as some of the items I planned to get were sold out but I expected that and had some back up items in mind. I did make one mistake but still made out just fine since I ended up getting a price adjustment for a different mistake on their part.

Here's my trip:

3-Pepsi 12 pks - sale $10 (sign still read 4/$10 so they gave me a 4th for free)
1-Sprite 20oz. - $1.74 (I meant to get the freebie which is the 1.25 liter)
3-Duracell Batteries - sale $5.99 each
1-Carmax lip balm - sale $1.00
1-Child Advil - sale $2.37
1-Guitar - sale $14.99
1-Kleenex Wallet 3pk - sale $1.00
1-Charmin Basic Single Roll - sale $0.99
1-Glade Oil Warmer - sale $1.25
1-Command Sample pk - sale $0.99
Total = $52.30 + tax
Used 1-$10/$50 store purchase CVS coupon
Used 1-$1.50/1 Children's Advil product MQ
Used 1-$0.25/1 Charmin product MQ
Used 1-$0.75/1 Carmax product MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Glade Oil Warmer MQ
Used 1-$0.50/1 Command product MQ
Used $11.50 in earned ECBs
Paid remaining balance on gift cards making this transaction completely free 
Received a total of $15.60 in ECBs for future use AND another $10/$50 coupon for any purchase

My cashier also wrote me a rain check for the Easy Feet freebie since I was sad they were out of stock :)

Don't forget to act quick as the sale ends tomorrow!

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kroger Coupons in the Mail

If you are a fan of Kroger and have one nearby, keep an eye out for coupon goodies in your mailbox this holiday season like the one I received pictured below. As you can see, not only are there some good coupons inside, there are some great freebie coupons as well. Thank you Kroger!

11.19 - Target: Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch

If you are looking for an incredible unbeatable deal on the Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch Magical Show Pony then high tail it to Target today! There appears to be an unadvertised sale for this hot toy at just $49.99! Regular retail is listed at $119.99 so this a whopping $70 savings! I scored one last night right before they closed after hunting down a store that actually had them in stock. So be sure to call your local store to check their inventory and if they tell you they don't have any on the shelf ask them to check in the back - which I had to do and had them hold it at customer service. I don't know long this is gonna last on sale or in stock so act quickly!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

11.16: CVS - Getting Ready for Christmas

Okay...so as I mentioned before, I made good on my plan to pick up a Unicorn Dream Lite as the first item from my daughter's Christmas list and of course I had to begin my Christmas shopping at my favorite store, CVS!

Here's my transaction:

1-Unicorn Dream Lite - $29.99
3-Duracell (assorted) Battery Packs - $5.99 each
2-Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste - $2.75 each
Total = $53.46 + tax
Used 1-$10/$50 CVS puchase coupon
Used 2-$0.75/1 Duracell MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Duracell MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Colgate MQ
Used 1-$1/2 Colgate CQ
Used $20 ECB from prior purchase
Used $10 in gift cards from Viggle points redemption
Paid $10.88 after tax
Recieved $5 ECB for Duracell purchase
Received $4 ECB for Colgate purchase
Received $10/$50 on next purchase

Which balances out as if I got everything listed above for free and earning $8.12 for my next trip! Plus for an added bonus, each of the AA battery packs includes $10 each of P&G coupons!

And with all the Christmas presents that are sure to be under the tree - these batteries will surely be of need! So don't forget to grab a few packs to stock up before the big day.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11.03: CVS Trip

I just love being able to shop at CVS without paying a dime! To be exact, I paid just ONE PENNY for my latest transaction.

Here's my transaction:
1-Crest Pro Health Wash - sale $2.99
1-Oral B Toothbrush - sale $2.99
2-Chapsticks - sale 2/$3.00
2-Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color - BOGO 50% - $17.68
2-Vicks Combo Packs - sale $10.99 each
2-Therma Care Heat Wraps - sale $6.79 each
Total = $62.22
Used 1-$1/2 Chapsticks MQ
Used 2-$3/1 Therma Care MQ
Used 2-$2/1 Therma Care CQ
Used 2-$1/1 Vicks MQ
Used 1-$4/$20 Cold Remedy CQ
Used 2-$2/1 Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color CQ
Used 2-$2.50/1 Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Oral B Toothbrush MQ
Used 1-$1.50/1 Crest Wash MQ
Used 1-$1.50/1 Crest Wash CQ
Used 1-$5/$30 store purchase CQ
Used 1-$10/$50 store purchase CQ
Used $5 ECB from CVS panel survey
Used $14 ECB from prior purchases
Paid just $0.01 after tax
Received $10 ECB for spending $30 on P&G products
Received $5 ECB for buying two Therma Care products
Received $5 ECB (the next day) for reaching spending total of $50 in Beauty products
Received another $10/$50 coupon

So not only did I receive all of this for free, I earned $30 worth of free items for my next trip!!! A certain little girl I know has been eying a Unicorn Dream Lite, currently priced at $29.99 so this will surely come in handy soon :)