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Thursday, May 7, 2015

5.7.15 - My Unbelievable Huggies Deal at Target

Less than six weeks til baby and I'm still working on my diaper stockpile and scoring great deals. But today, I scored my greatest deal yet...so good, it's almost unbelievable! This deal totally just made my week and although you may not be able to get your OOP as low as mine (since I started out with two gift cards in hand), I'll show you how I did my deal exactly and you can still score a great deal even without the gift cards at the starting line...

For starters, if you're registered at Target like I am, view your registry online and print it out. At the top of the first page you should see a coupon offer to receive a $10 Target gift card when you purchase $50 in baby products. PLUS, Target is running a deal that when you purchase 2 qualifying baby products, you'll receive a $10 Target gift card, no coupon necessary.

If you do not have a Target Baby registry, simply create one and put a few items on it and when you select the print option, you too should see the coupon to receive the gift card as listed above.

OK so here's the part where I started out a little ahead of the game. As I mentioned previously, I already had my baby registry created with Target and had received a free $20 gift card in the mail from Target as a thank you because Target is awesome like that :) I also had a $6 gift card I received from a prior promo deal I did in store a month or so ago and I had been holding on to these gift cards just waiting for a super deal opportunity like this. Also, already in hand, I had a 15% off your registry coupon which Target sent me via mail as well and these items were already listed on my registry. So with $26 in Target gift cards, the registry coupon for a $10 gift card with $50 purchase, and my 15% off registry coupon, I was ready to go...

I grabbed the following:
1 - Size 2: Huggies boxed diapers $24.99
1 - Size 3: Huggies boxed diapers $24.99
1 - Huggies Natural Care wipes $1.97

I used the following coupons:
1 - $10 GC wyb $50 in baby TQ (Note: Be sure to present this coupon FIRST)
2 - $4.50/1 Huggies boxed diapers MQ
1 - $1.50/1 Huggies boxed diapers via Target Mobile Coupons
1 - $1.50/1 Huggies boxed diapers TQ (received in Target registry gift pack coupon booklet)
1 - 15% off Registry TQ (took off $6.05 for me)
1 - 5% off Huggies wipes via Target Cartwheel
Used $26 in Target Gift Cards
Paid balance with my Target Debit card and received 5% off for being a card holder (took off $0.39 for me)
Paid $8.60 OOP
Received 2 $10 Target Gift Cards

I then submitted my receipt thru Ibotta and redeemed the Kimberly - Clark deal for purchasing 3 of their brand products and received $3.00 cash back in my account. (Note: you must purchase three different products to qualify, hence why I purchased two different sized diapers)

So after the cash back and the gift cards, it's as if I got all three products for free plus $14.40 in my wallet to boot!

Like seriously, this deal was awesome!!! And even without the gift cards to start out with, you could pay somewhere around $35 bucks (depending on your coupons & if you've got any gift cards, your OOP could be higher or lower) and after receiving the $20, it would be like paying only $15 bucks for all three items. Still a great deal in my book!

Sidenote: I've also heard word that some people received Catalina coupons at the register for purchasing Huggies products, I wasn't that lucky but I'm surely not complaining :)

*will post link to the high value Huggies coupons as soon as I locate it again

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fab: DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Long ago...on one of my many Pinterest cram sessions, I discovered the frugally fabulous creation that is....the pallet coffee table! Here are my fav inspirations...#1...#2...#3.
I have been wanting to create one for our living room ever since then and promised myself I would once the weather warmed up....but at 7 months pregnant, I needed a little help, *insert husband here* :-)

So with a little coercion...bit by bit...I managed to get the hubby to build us our own coffee table, despite his lack of interest, and doubting the whole idea all together...in the end he impressed even himself and was so proud of our creation, so much so, I caught him bragging and even visiting Pinterest WITHOUT ME and wanting to make more creations!

I tell you, we adore this thing...and best of all, it cost us absolutely nothing!

Here's how we did it...

First things first, I gathered pallets from work (for free of course)...then we just used tools and some old paint that we already had on hand.

At first, we tried to follow some of the instructions we found on other blogs but quickly ditched those ideas after unsuccessful attempts and pretty much just winged it and made our own custom creation. We took the nicest of the pallets and cut off the two end boards to bring the table down to a desirable size to fit in our space. Then we sanded down the whole thing to make it smooth enough to not cause injury (splinters anyone?) Then we took the two end boards we cut off previously and cut them into four even sections to act as our table legs, then we simply drilled holes and screwed them onto the table top and viola! We had a table...and after a good double layer of black paint, we now have this beautiful piece in our living room...what do you think? Isn't she lovely!

P.S. When I say "we" I really mean "him"....I just....errrrr....supervised the whole thing ;-) lol

Saturday, April 4, 2015

4.4.15 - Community Easter Egg Hunt Today in Chesterfield 11am-2pm

Here's a fun free event for the kids in celebration of Easter here in Chesterfield off of Ironbridge Road.

The Dets as listed at ironbridge.org: 

Easter At The Bank

Join us for the second annual Community Easter Celebration!  We will meet at the Chesterfield Food Bank on Saturday, April 4, 11am-2pm.
Egg Hunt Times:
3 & Under:  11am, 12pm, and 1pm
4-6:  11am, 12pm, and 1pm
7-10:  11:30am, 12:30pm, and 1:30pm
Don’t miss the petting zoo, live music and inflatables.  FREE hot dogs for the first 500 people!!

 Location: 12211 Iron Bridge Road, Chester, VA 23831

I won't be able to join in the fun since I'm stuck at work once more, but I've assigned my hubby the task of taking lots of pics :-)

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3.31.15 - Did You Know That You Could Possibly Score a Free or Reduced Priced Breast Pump Through Your Insurance!?

Well it's true! And the best part is it's the easiest thing you could possibly do. I kid you not. I found out about this perk directly through my insurance program. However, I was a little skeptical after doing a little 'google research' which turned up a lot of frustrating stories of having to jump through hoops to get it or not being able to find a vendor but from my personal experience, I found the complete opposite to be true. The whole process, from order placement to delivery, took barely 4 days which even included the weekend, which is superb! Here's how the process went for me:

1st: I obtained a prescription through my doctor during my regular prenatal  appointment this past Friday.
2nd: I obtained a list of vendors by calling my insurance company and I chose to use Edgepark as I had seen a couple of reviews on them with positive experiences.
3rd: I visited the Edgepark website as listed on my insurance documents, which simply  asks you what state you live in and your insurance provider in order to verify the partnership and show you your breast pump options. For me, there were six choices which included the Medela Pump In Style Advance system that I had  been eyeing which was exciting to say the least. I made my selection, entered my information, and placed my order that Friday evening.
4th: I immediately received an order confirmation which  included information on where to submit  a copy of my prescription for quick processing (or they would obtain it for me on my behalf but processing time would be extended) I simply used my CamScan app on my phone and emailed a copy as instructed.

The Result: My order shipped the very next day and I received it at lunch time on Tuesday. Even my husband was impressed to see the delivery come so soon and I never thought I would be this excited about pumping! Lol

Here's a look inside my package which is valued at $179.00 and I paid $0.00 [outside of my insurance premiums of course :)]

So ladies, please be sure to check with your  provider to see if this perk is included in your plan before shelling out hundreds of dollars!

3.31.15 - Baby Expo Goodies

So the Baby Expo was this past Saturday and although I had to work and didn't get to experience all of the festivities that were lined up, I did get to chat with some folks and snag some goodies - my favorite part being the coupons of course!! Especially the 15% off Burlington Baby Depot coupons which I might have been a little too excited about lol #DontJudgeMe :) Anyways, here's a look inside my bag...

Hopefully you got the chance to stop by and have a little fun with the kiddos!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3.17.15 - Auntie Anne's App Rewards + Free Pretzel Offer

I just love a hot fresh cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne's and was probably too excited to hear that they have come out with a reward program. The sweetest part is you get a free pretzel for just signing up! I couldn't get to Auntie Anne's fast enough to redeem my offer :-)

Download the app today on GooglePlay or in the AppStore then just create an account via the app and receive your free offer and starting earning rewards today!


3.17.15 - Free Shutterfly Photo Book - Available Thru 3/23/15

Here's an easy freebie from a company I love. Shutterfly is offering a free Photo Book to everyone by simply using the promo code: 1FREEBOOK (or purchase a larger book and the code takes off $29.99) I love making these books personally and make one for every big occasion and to capture vacation memories. Enjoy!

3.17.15 - UPDATE: Amazon Prime Mom - What's Inside the Box!?

Ok, so I finally received my Amazon Prime Mom Free Baby Registry Welcome Box that we talked about here. And let me just say I wished the process worked as easily as Amazon advertised but unfortunately I never got the email as indicated BUT let me scratch all that out by saying Amazon's customer service is AMAZING! I used the chat feature to reach out to them and they hooked me up with the information I needed without hesitation. Amazon rocks! And so does this gift box! Let's take a look inside:

We've got:
1-Playtex 4 oz Nurser Bottle with 5 Drop-Ins Liners
1-Gerber Good Start Gentle Infant Formula
1-Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggies Baby Food Pouch
1-Gerber Rice Cereal
1-Avent Freeflow Pacifier
2-Avent Night Pads
1-Breastfeeding Guide
1-10pk of Water Wipes
1-Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion
1-Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream
1-Burt's Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion
1-Loreal Thickening Shampoo
1-Loreal Thickening Conditioner
1-Aquaphor Healing Ointment

A $50 value! Best Registry Gift around...hope you got one too!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

3.8.15 - Go VCU! Get 50% Off your Papa Johns order TODAY

Today, March 8th, you can score 50% off your entire regular menu priced order at Papa Johns by using promo code: VCUWINS thanks to VCU's win last night! GO VCU RAMS!!!

Note: You can score this deal the day after any VCU win this season, promo is good for 24 hours after each win.

Shout out to my wonderful husband for sharing this deal and who happens to be a VCU Alumni and former Captain of the team in his day xoxo

Saturday, March 7, 2015

3.7.15 - Coupon Therapy: My Deals

Is it just me or has this week drug by at a snail's pace?? Either way, I sure was in need of some  coupon therapy...oh, and sweets! Lol 

Here's a look at my little haul from today:

Krispy Kreme
1-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Doughnut $1.25 
Used 1 Free Doughnut coupon
Paid $0.00

1-Order of Chips & Salsa $2.11
Used 1 Free Order of Chips & Salsa coupon 
Paid $0.00

Cold Stone
2-Gotta Have It sized ice creams $12.62
1-Love It sized milkshake $6.05
Used 1 BOGO Ice Cream coupon 
Used 1 Free Love It size item coupon card 
Paid $6.31

Victoria's Secret - Transaction #1
1-Pink thong $11.06
1-VS cotton boyshort $11.06
1-Pink Nation Bra Top $21.00
Used 1 Free Cotton Panty with Any $10 Purchase 
Used 1 Free Pink Nation Bra Top with Any $10 Purchase 
Paid $11.06
Received 1 VS Reward Card valued at $10.00 (or more!)

Victoria's Secret - Transaction #2
2-Pink Cheeksters $22.11
Used 2 Free Pink Cheeksters coupons 
Paid $0.00

In total, I spent $17.37 and got back at least $10, which is like getting away with spending just $6.84 (when you consider tax savings also) for $87.26 worth of purchases which makes for one happy pregnant lady!  

[All prices listed include VA sales tax]

3.7.15 - Google Play: Free Movie

If you are a Google Play user, you may have gotten a little gift in celebration of their 3rd birthday by way of a free copy of the Transformer movie. Check your email to see if you were included in the celebration. Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2015

3.6.15 - Plato's Closet: Text Club

If you're a fan of Plato's closet, here's a text coupon deal you can easily snag.

3.6.15 – Amazon Prime Mom – Free Baby Registry Welcome Box

Ok so apparently if you are an Amazon Prime Mom and you create a Baby Registry after 3/2/15 you can possibly snag a free Gift Box of products for you and your bundle of joy. After creating your registry, you should receive an email in 1-2 days with instructions on how to redeem your free gift box.  I, myself, just signed up for Amazon Prime on their 30 day trial and enrolled in Amazon Mom and created my own baby registry in hopes of being able to snag a free box. If I do get one, I will certainly show you a peek inside with an update…stay tuned. If you too are interested in this nice freebie, you can enroll in Amazon Mom here if you aren’t a Prime member already - Amazon offers a free Prime 30-day trial if you have never used it before, otherwise enrollment in Prime is $99 a year.

3.6.15 - Are you using Walmart Savings Catcher yet!?

Ok, let me start off by saying that since becoming a “frugalist” I haven’t much shopped at Walmart for the past few years and not just because of the crowds but mostly because they never had any type of rewards program, store coupons, or discount program that allowed them to compete (in my book) against other retailers who do…that was until they developed the Walmart Savings Catcher program which they rolled out last summer nationwide. This program really is an ingenious creation that puts them back on the map so to speak. With the Savings Catcher program, Walmart does all the work of ad-matching for you, something that I have never much had the patience for to begin with, and when they find a lower advertised price at any of the local competitors in your area, they give you the difference on a Walmart eCard! Which is really awesome and really couldn’t be any easier to use: Just shop Walmart as you normally would with any coupons you might have, then simply scan/enter your receipt via the Walmart App or online here and that’s it! Walmart does all the work to compare ad prices of the surrounding competitors and once complete, they will notify you that any difference has been added to your account. You can transfer your balance to your eCard immediately or let the funds accumulate and transfer whenever you are ready.

I personally have submitted 9 receipts and have received a total of $42.03 back.

Sure you are spending the money up front initially but you are saving time and energy by not having to browse all the store ads in the Sunday paper and fiddle with ad-matching yourself and you are getting the best prices without having to “stop at Kroger for these items and then Food Lion for those items and Martin’s for another couple of items”….and if you’’re a regular Walmart shopper anyways then it’s a total win-win!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3.4.15 - Food Lion: Earn $10 in Free Groceries

Starting today March 4th and running thru March 31st, Food Lion is running a promotion where if you spend at least $50 for 3 of these 4 weeks (WK1: 3/4-3/10, WK2: 3/11-3/17, WK3: 3/18-3/24, WK4: 3/25-3/31), you can earn $10 in free groceries. Easy deal to grab especially if you are a regular Food Lion shopper anyways :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3.3.15 - IHOP Free Pancakes TODAY 7AM-10PM

Monday, March 2, 2015

3.2.15 - Babies R Us: Free Baby Registry Gift

For a limited time, you can receive a free Pampers gift from Babies R Us for creating your baby registry with them. I took my daughter this weekend and we had fun scanning away, who knows what all is on there lol...but here's a look inside our goodie bag:

3.2.15 - Baby Expo - Free Event for Parents to Be: March 28, 2015

Here's a free upcoming event for all of my fellow parents to be in the Chesterfield and surrounding areas. Lite 98 presents the Baby & Family Expo 2015 at Chesterfield Towne Center on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 10am-3pm. I'll be there...will you!?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

2.28.15 - Target - Free Baby Registry Pack (Wedding pack available too!)

Here’s a quick baby freebie you can score without much effort. Target offers a free baby registry gift pack to everyone who creates a baby registry with them. You can do this online or in store and once you’ve added even just a few items to your registry, just show an associate at the guest services desk a print out or screenshot on your phone and they will gift you with a pack filled with goodies like the one I received below...

Getting married? Target also has a gift pack for you as well! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2.26.15 - Shop Your Way + My Deals

Ok, so I’ve been a member of Shop Your Way for a long while but have never much taken advantage of the benefits of the program...until now! 

What is Shop Your Way (SYW) you ask…well, it’s a FREE reward program of sorts for Sears, Kmart, and other affiliated brands under that umbrella where you earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed on future purchases much like a coupon but the greatest thing about SYW is that they often hand out “surprise points” (READ: FREE MONEY) to their members. For example, $5 off in points on a $5 clothing purchase, $7 off in points on ANY purchase, $10 off in points on a $30 purchase, etc., and although I’ve been aware that you could essentially get something for free with a surprise points deal like $5 off in points on ANY purchase, my thought was always "there really isn’t anything less than $5 that I would want to take advantage of" so I've let a lot of surprise points slip away but guess what I’ve recently discovered…baby items often are! And with that realization, my new obsession is born lol
Here are the items I was able to score this month by using surprise points and some pocket change!

These twelve items are valued at $126.91 according to their respective retailers but with sales, some promo codes I found on RetailMeNot, and a bunch of random surprise points, I paid $3.95 for all of the above and remembered to use Shop At Home to get a total of $2.26 cash back, which means I paid just $1.69 for everything you see; a savings of $125.22 or nearly 99%...insane right!?

If that doesn’t inspire you to join, I don’t know what will. So what are you waiting for!? Go enroll in Shop Your Way now! 

Oh and if you haven't signed up for Shop At Home for your online purchases, you are missing out! And remember to always check RetailMeNot for extra promo codes before you buy!

Happy Frugal Shopping!

Monday, February 23, 2015

2.23.15 - Victoria's Secret Mailer: Freebie

To all my Victoria's Secret lovers currently on their mailing list, keep your eyes peeled for this mailer which includes a sexy little freebie (no purchase necessary), it also includes a free getaway bag with a $75 purchase, and $10 off a regular priced bra.

2.23.15 - Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut Tomorrow 2/24

Join the Fun on Facebook

In celebration of Krispy Kreme opening their 1000th shop they are giving away free original glazed doughnuts to everyone who stops by any of their participating shops on 2/24/15.

So if you are lucky enough to have one nearby then stop by tomorrow and snag yourself a free original glazed doughnut.

This will be a deliciously easy task for me as I have to drive by a shop every day on my way to and from work…you could imagine the amount of will power it takes me to not stop by every day! Lol…ENJOY!

2.23.15 - I'm Backkkkk!

OMG, I can’t believe I’ve neglected y’all and gone a whole year without blogging! AGAIN! IDK how my favorite bloggers keep up with these things lol life just gets in the way for me I suppose but just know, I’ll always come back to you! I must admit I haven’t done many frugal activities in the last year other than couponing…sorta lol I truly am ashamed of myself but enough of the self-loathing…I have another exciting announcement, last time it was I’m getting married…well, you guessed it, this time...we’re pregnant!!!! 


...and with the pending arrival of another mouth to feed and clothe, getting back into my frugal lifestyle full swing was one of my first thoughts. So if you see a slew of baby deals this year and are annoyed by them then I apologize in advance…SIKE! Lol *sings* “it’s my blog and I can post what I want to” ;) so without further ado…let the good times rolls and thank you for tuning in!

Happy (Belated) New Year!