Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3.31.15 - Did You Know That You Could Possibly Score a Free or Reduced Priced Breast Pump Through Your Insurance!?

Well it's true! And the best part is it's the easiest thing you could possibly do. I kid you not. I found out about this perk directly through my insurance program. However, I was a little skeptical after doing a little 'google research' which turned up a lot of frustrating stories of having to jump through hoops to get it or not being able to find a vendor but from my personal experience, I found the complete opposite to be true. The whole process, from order placement to delivery, took barely 4 days which even included the weekend, which is superb! Here's how the process went for me:

1st: I obtained a prescription through my doctor during my regular prenatal  appointment this past Friday.
2nd: I obtained a list of vendors by calling my insurance company and I chose to use Edgepark as I had seen a couple of reviews on them with positive experiences.
3rd: I visited the Edgepark website as listed on my insurance documents, which simply  asks you what state you live in and your insurance provider in order to verify the partnership and show you your breast pump options. For me, there were six choices which included the Medela Pump In Style Advance system that I had  been eyeing which was exciting to say the least. I made my selection, entered my information, and placed my order that Friday evening.
4th: I immediately received an order confirmation which  included information on where to submit  a copy of my prescription for quick processing (or they would obtain it for me on my behalf but processing time would be extended) I simply used my CamScan app on my phone and emailed a copy as instructed.

The Result: My order shipped the very next day and I received it at lunch time on Tuesday. Even my husband was impressed to see the delivery come so soon and I never thought I would be this excited about pumping! Lol

Here's a look inside my package which is valued at $179.00 and I paid $0.00 [outside of my insurance premiums of course :)]

So ladies, please be sure to check with your  provider to see if this perk is included in your plan before shelling out hundreds of dollars!


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