Thursday, May 7, 2015

5.7.15 - My Unbelievable Huggies Deal at Target

Less than six weeks til baby and I'm still working on my diaper stockpile and scoring great deals. But today, I scored my greatest deal good, it's almost unbelievable! This deal totally just made my week and although you may not be able to get your OOP as low as mine (since I started out with two gift cards in hand), I'll show you how I did my deal exactly and you can still score a great deal even without the gift cards at the starting line...

For starters, if you're registered at Target like I am, view your registry online and print it out. At the top of the first page you should see a coupon offer to receive a $10 Target gift card when you purchase $50 in baby products. PLUS, Target is running a deal that when you purchase 2 qualifying baby products, you'll receive a $10 Target gift card, no coupon necessary.

If you do not have a Target Baby registry, simply create one and put a few items on it and when you select the print option, you too should see the coupon to receive the gift card as listed above.

OK so here's the part where I started out a little ahead of the game. As I mentioned previously, I already had my baby registry created with Target and had received a free $20 gift card in the mail from Target as a thank you because Target is awesome like that :) I also had a $6 gift card I received from a prior promo deal I did in store a month or so ago and I had been holding on to these gift cards just waiting for a super deal opportunity like this. Also, already in hand, I had a 15% off your registry coupon which Target sent me via mail as well and these items were already listed on my registry. So with $26 in Target gift cards, the registry coupon for a $10 gift card with $50 purchase, and my 15% off registry coupon, I was ready to go...

I grabbed the following:
1 - Size 2: Huggies boxed diapers $24.99
1 - Size 3: Huggies boxed diapers $24.99
1 - Huggies Natural Care wipes $1.97

I used the following coupons:
1 - $10 GC wyb $50 in baby TQ (Note: Be sure to present this coupon FIRST)
2 - $4.50/1 Huggies boxed diapers MQ
1 - $1.50/1 Huggies boxed diapers via Target Mobile Coupons
1 - $1.50/1 Huggies boxed diapers TQ (received in Target registry gift pack coupon booklet)
1 - 15% off Registry TQ (took off $6.05 for me)
1 - 5% off Huggies wipes via Target Cartwheel
Used $26 in Target Gift Cards
Paid balance with my Target Debit card and received 5% off for being a card holder (took off $0.39 for me)
Paid $8.60 OOP
Received 2 $10 Target Gift Cards

I then submitted my receipt thru Ibotta and redeemed the Kimberly - Clark deal for purchasing 3 of their brand products and received $3.00 cash back in my account. (Note: you must purchase three different products to qualify, hence why I purchased two different sized diapers)

So after the cash back and the gift cards, it's as if I got all three products for free plus $14.40 in my wallet to boot!

Like seriously, this deal was awesome!!! And even without the gift cards to start out with, you could pay somewhere around $35 bucks (depending on your coupons & if you've got any gift cards, your OOP could be higher or lower) and after receiving the $20, it would be like paying only $15 bucks for all three items. Still a great deal in my book!

Sidenote: I've also heard word that some people received Catalina coupons at the register for purchasing Huggies products, I wasn't that lucky but I'm surely not complaining :)

*will post link to the high value Huggies coupons as soon as I locate it again


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