Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fab: DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Long ago...on one of my many Pinterest cram sessions, I discovered the frugally fabulous creation that is....the pallet coffee table! Here are my fav inspirations...#1...#2...#3.
I have been wanting to create one for our living room ever since then and promised myself I would once the weather warmed up....but at 7 months pregnant, I needed a little help, *insert husband here* :-)

So with a little coercion...bit by bit...I managed to get the hubby to build us our own coffee table, despite his lack of interest, and doubting the whole idea all the end he impressed even himself and was so proud of our creation, so much so, I caught him bragging and even visiting Pinterest WITHOUT ME and wanting to make more creations!

I tell you, we adore this thing...and best of all, it cost us absolutely nothing!

Here's how we did it...

First things first, I gathered pallets from work (for free of course)...then we just used tools and some old paint that we already had on hand.

At first, we tried to follow some of the instructions we found on other blogs but quickly ditched those ideas after unsuccessful attempts and pretty much just winged it and made our own custom creation. We took the nicest of the pallets and cut off the two end boards to bring the table down to a desirable size to fit in our space. Then we sanded down the whole thing to make it smooth enough to not cause injury (splinters anyone?) Then we took the two end boards we cut off previously and cut them into four even sections to act as our table legs, then we simply drilled holes and screwed them onto the table top and viola! We had a table...and after a good double layer of black paint, we now have this beautiful piece in our living room...what do you think? Isn't she lovely!

P.S. When I say "we" I really mean "him"....I just....errrrr....supervised the whole thing ;-) lol


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