Saturday, March 31, 2012

Couponing: Getting Started

In order to be successful and minimize frustrations that may go along with the art of couponing, you must first be properly prepared.

Here are a list of items that you will need to get started:

A computer with internet connection – if you are reading this then you are on your way :)
A pair of scissors
A 3 ring binder of your choosing
A set of baseball card holders
A coupon wallet
A printer WITH INK! :)
A pack of printer paper
A composition notebook
A pen
A hole puncher
A tote bag
A binder zipper pouch

Take a look at my items - I never leave the house without my coupon bag :) and as you can see, I coupon fabulously in style! I just love my sparkly comp. book ($2 Food Lion close out) and designer binder ($3 clearance at OfficeMax), and check out my stiletto tape dispenser ($5 after 50% off coupon from OfficeMax) and black on black zebra print coupon wallet and pink tote bag (both $1 each  from Target) :)

Also, a lot of great coupons are given away by manufactures by simply “liking” their Facebook page or following them on Twitter. Signing up for these sites are both free and easy.

Tip: If you are extremely concerned with privacy – create dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages under an alias to use just for your couponing needs.

Most importantly, you will need to obtain rewards card for stores like CVS, Food Lion, RiteAid, Kroger, and Martin's – these are also free – just visit the customer service desk to sign up and be sure to use your card every single time you make a purchase and watch the savings and rewards rack up. Also, if you qualify, be sure to get a Target debit card linked to your checking account and use this card every time you make a purchase at Target to immediately save 5% at the register and the money comes directly from your checking account – how easy! Thanks Mom for this tip :) Please note that Walgreens has done away with the rewards card system and you need nothing but to make a purchase to automatically receive advertised rewards at the register. Their rewards print out in the form of a Catalina after your purchase.

What is a Catalina you may ask...well, I'm sure you have seen them but just didn't know the name for them because I sure didn't until I started couponing. Any who, these are the little machines at each stores registers that print rewards coupons after your purchase. See below examples from Walgreens, Target and Food Lion:

Also, you will want to go ahead and print a copy of each stores coupon policy to put in your binder for reference as each store's policies are different. These can be found at each companies' respective websites.

Here is a look of the contents inside my binder:
1) Binder Zipper Pouch - this is where I keep my clipped coupons that I have not yet sorted into the baseball card holders AKA me being lazy :)
2) Current weekly store Ads - I hole punch each of these and keep them in the front of my binder for easy reference
3) Table of Contents page - this sheet has helped me oraginze each coupon into categories to find them easily - I found a complete printable binder set here: Thanks to
4) Baseball card holders containing coupons as designated by the table of contents
5) Copies of each stores' coupon policies
6) Rebate information - I keep copies of every rebate I send off and have not yet had any problems with receiving my rebate checks as promised :)

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