Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome, Appreciation, and Dedication

Welcome to Fun, Fab, & Frugal!

I was inspired to create a blog to share my coupon adventures, as I like to call them, and inspire and help others learn to coupon too. Couponing has changed my whole lifestyle and I am grateful to those who I have learned from in the same way I hope to teach others. Many thanks to my favorite sites as follows:

The ladies who run these sites are truly amazing and I could never say thank you enough for the time and effort they put in everyday!

I dedicate this blog to my daughter, Jordyn Mechelle, the love of my life and the person who changed my whole world in ways I could never have imagined. I am truly thankful to have learned the skill of couponing, which has allowed me to do much more for her and I on a single mother's budget. She even likes to clip coupons with me, who could ask for more :)

This blog will be a little different from some of my favorites and have a more personal touch, I hope you enjoy and thank you for visting Fun, Fab, and Frugal - Where you can have fun couponing and learn to live fabulously frugal :)

Stay tuned for upcoming deals that you can score too and be ready to take notes!


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