Saturday, March 31, 2012

Couponing: Where I Got Started

New Year's Resolution

Save Money!!!

Today I realized that I have never followed thru on a New Years' Resolution until this year :( This year I vowed to save more money and I most certainly have! I've been so happy with the results that it makes up for all my previously failed resolutions :) 

My very first coupon mission....
 (Sidenote: I also resolved to lose a few pounds and let's just say I'm still working on that lol)

"Everything pictured here only cost me $15!!!!! (Yes! Only fifteen bucks! Total MSRP = $133) Starting the new year right, saving money and hopefully losing a few lbs. :)" 1/6/12

At my one month mark of couponing I gathered together all of my receipts to see how I did and I was beyond proud of myself...take a look at what I wrote...

"Just realized that today marks one month exactly that I've been "couponing" so I decided to tally up my savings and see how I did - it's hard to believe but I've purchased nearly $1000 in merchandise and saved about 82% by only spending $180 out of pocket (which includes three pairs of shoes which cost $180 regular retail by themselves!! :)) Once I can pull off a major grocery haul I can officially be crowned a "Coupon Queen" - Martin's get ready! :)" - 2/4/12

To date, I still have not tackled Martin's but then again I may not need to - Kroger has shown me just as much if not more in savings :)

I wanted to share with you some of my coupon adventures in hopes of inspiring you - you will be amazed at what you can do too...Enjoy!

In today's CVS shopping adventures, total spent = $24.06!!! Savings of $122
I pulled off big savings at Target, spent a mere $10.85 for everthing pictured, regular cost would have been a little over $62!
I just bought 10 boxes of cereal (and a bag of jelly beans :)) and paid only $2.90 + there is a $10 mail in rebate so I basically will make $7.10!!
Oh how I love couponing at CVS, after the sales, my coupons, and earned extra care bucks, my total comes out to $6.42! Regular retail would have been $116.18
Free beauty finds today with my coupons, I paid only $0.31 cents for all of these products :)
More weekend freebies, products valued at over $110, my cost after coupons, less than $2 bucks! Plus I just came home to a box full of P&G samples with a personalized booklet of more coupons :)
Today's Coupon Mission: What will $20 bucks get me? The results....
I had to take over the freezer at work for my stockpile of Smart Ones meals
My dentist is gonna love me, my pits will always be baby powder fresh, and I'll never have to ask to borrow a pen again lol all for just $2.18

Scored more great deals at CVS today - total cost out of pocket = about 10 bucks! AND I have $12 in CVS bucks to use!
Had a great couponing trip on my lunch break, I've been looking for a deal on the Crest strips which normally cost upwards of $50...I scored everything here for under $18!
Today's shopping trip cost me a whopping $0.10 cents for everything pictured plus I earned another 9 bucks in store credit :) Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
I was able to score 50% off on these items (Food Lion Closeout)
I scored all these items (valued at $85.65) for only $15.28!!!
Picked up a few couponers freebies today just so I could get out the house, spent $0.73 cents down from $17.95 :)
This week's FREEBIES! I'm getting sooooo good (we also got a bag of chips but those didn't last long enough to make it to the picture lol)
Spent a total of $13.74 for nearly $140 worth of products
Today I MADE $8.30 for buying this stuff (stiletto tape dispenser not included) - 2 cereals, 5 shave creams, 2 Slim Fast shake packs, 2 toothpastes and 1 pair of tweezers
Spent 53 cents on these items
More free and nearly free goodies, spent $4.42 for all these items, soooo excited because I found a Beyonce Red Loreal Infallible lip stick on clearance which is nearly $10 by itself :)
Total spent, after sales, coupons, and with tax included was $29.05
I have lots of toy coupons and just scored all of this for just $30, regular price = $115
Wow, I just got this Disney Princess Musical vanity set, originally priced at $89.99, for just $14.99!!
Unreal savings I just spent $8.04 for $349.57 of products at regular retail


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