Thursday, November 22, 2012

11.22: CVS - 3 Day Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day with your families on this special holiday.

As we give thanks I must say I am truly thankful to have learned the art of couponing and saving my family money throughout the year and I know I will carry with me the things I've learned this year into so many more!

So while Nana was cooking in the kitchen Jordyn and I took a run out to pick up dinner rolls and a pie, with coupons in hand of course! and while out we decided to stop by CVS since they were open today and I wanted to get a few things off of their 3 Day Sale - we especially needed something to keep Jordyn occupied during the wait before dinner and we found the perfect thing!

Take a look at our trip:

2-Mars Milky Way Simply Caramel - sale $0.75 each
1-Mars Milky Way Bar - rang up $0.50
1-CVS AA 4-pk - sale $3.65
2-CVS Dental Flossers - sale $2.00 each
2-Gum Toothbrush 2-pk - sale $2.50 each
1-Sunbeam Sewing Machine - sale $12.88
1-Discovery Kids Coloring Rocketship - sale $12.99
1-Philips Earbuds - sale $6.99
1-Conair Portable Steamer - $9.99
1-Hello Kitty Ornament - $5.99
Total = $63.49 + tax
Used 1-$10/$50 CVS purchase coupon
Used 1-20% off non-sale items (from the free Medicare Part-D kit) took off $3.20
Used 1-Buy 2 get one Free Milky Way purchase MQ
Used $15.60 in ECBs from prior purchase
Used remaining $2.34 balance on gift card
Paid $31.60
Received another $10/$50 purchase coupon
Received $21.14 in Extra Care Bucks to use on future purchases
Which almost equates to a wash as if I only paid $0.46 cents for this transaction!

She is completely thrilled and ready to blast off - now it's time to color it!

By the way, this IS the extent of any "Black Friday" shopping for me - I prefer to keep my sanity lol

If you dare brave the stores tonight, tomorrow, or have already been waiting in the lines for hours or even days - God-speed! :)


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