Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11.20 - CVS Free Spree!

Don't miss out on the free spree at CVS thru Wednesday, November 21st - that's tomorrow! I nearly missed out myself because I hadn't yet looked at the ad until last night..shame shame! I was surprised to see so many FREE items in the ad. I threw together a plan at midnight last night and headed over after work. I had to tweak my list on the fly as some of the items I planned to get were sold out but I expected that and had some back up items in mind. I did make one mistake but still made out just fine since I ended up getting a price adjustment for a different mistake on their part.

Here's my trip:

3-Pepsi 12 pks - sale $10 (sign still read 4/$10 so they gave me a 4th for free)
1-Sprite 20oz. - $1.74 (I meant to get the freebie which is the 1.25 liter)
3-Duracell Batteries - sale $5.99 each
1-Carmax lip balm - sale $1.00
1-Child Advil - sale $2.37
1-Guitar - sale $14.99
1-Kleenex Wallet 3pk - sale $1.00
1-Charmin Basic Single Roll - sale $0.99
1-Glade Oil Warmer - sale $1.25
1-Command Sample pk - sale $0.99
Total = $52.30 + tax
Used 1-$10/$50 store purchase CVS coupon
Used 1-$1.50/1 Children's Advil product MQ
Used 1-$0.25/1 Charmin product MQ
Used 1-$0.75/1 Carmax product MQ
Used 1-$1/1 Glade Oil Warmer MQ
Used 1-$0.50/1 Command product MQ
Used $11.50 in earned ECBs
Paid remaining balance on gift cards making this transaction completely free 
Received a total of $15.60 in ECBs for future use AND another $10/$50 coupon for any purchase

My cashier also wrote me a rain check for the Easy Feet freebie since I was sad they were out of stock :)

Don't forget to act quick as the sale ends tomorrow!

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!


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