Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hooray for rebates!

I just received my Neosporin rebate in the mail today which reminded me to do a post about them. I used to be leery of purchasing anything where I would have to submit for a rebate in order to see savings for fear of never actually getting the rebate - but fear not! Rebates are a couponer's trusty side kick :)

Oftentimes, rebates not only provide great savings but also great "money makers" - money makers are when you make money off of your purchase - and what's better than saving money? Making money of course! :)

Here's how I received this $12 check from Neosporin and turned my purchase into a $5 money maker.

Prior CVS sale
Neosporin Essential Trial Pack - $12
Used 1-$5/1 Neosporin Essential Trial Pack coupon
Paid $7 OOP and received a rebate check for $12 
I earned $5 for this purchase

Even better - I received a high value coupon for $3/1 Neosporin Essential item - which goes nicely with the CVS first aid sale going on this week - I will definitely be putting this coupon to use right away! :)


  1. Ashley, where did you get the rebate form?

    1. Unfortunately the Try Me Free Rebate ended on 4/15/12 as noted here >>