Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walmart: Gift Set Clearance Deal

Here's a really great deal you can score right now at Walmart Online but act quickly since these are clearance items and some sets have already sold out! These sets could make great Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts or just to add to your own personal care stockpile.

Here's the deal:

Currently Walmart Online is offering 2 Big Value Gift Sets for only $12 for both (so only $6 each!) These gifts sets have a value of $30 which is a savings of $18 - BUT WAIT there's more :) If you select a set that also offers the free magazine subscription, you can choose to opt out of the subscription and get a rebate for $9.99! Ah-mazing! I just love rebates :)

So here's what I just did:

My Deal:
Buy 2 - Best In Beauty gift sets (value of $28 each)
Total = $12 + tax + shipping
Pay only $13.57

I will be taking advantage of the rebate for both sets which means I will receive two checks for $9.99 each - so if you consider that this means that I paid $13.57 and will get $19.98 back which turns this into a money maker and I will come out getting paid $6.41 for this purchase! And if all that wasn't good enough, each of these sets comes with a coupon book - exciting!

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Thanks to for this tip! We love you Colin!


  1. out of stock as of 5:37p. :( Maybe next time,but thanks Ashley.

  2. It is still showing available for me, which set did you try to purchase?

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