Monday, May 28, 2012

Payless Shoesource: Big Memorial Day Savings

I'm not sure why, but I've been having this streak of bad luck that turns immediately into good luck, as strange as that sounds - for instance, I ordered a pizza and when I went to pick it up, someone had accidentally picked up my order! So there I was with no pizza and had to wait for another one to be made and to my surprise the lady brings it out to my car and says "it's on the house, since apparently it's already been paid for *wink*" - then the other day, I somehow bust a hole in my favorite pair of flats and that very same day I randomly received a $25 gift certificate in my email from Payless Shoesource. So anywho, with the extra day off from work for Memorial Day, my little miss and I headed to the mall to see what we could score.

Sidenote: I had also received a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $25+ that expires today and with today being their last day of their 5-Day sale it made for the perfect scenario to maximize my savings, which is exactly what you are looking for when shopping.

So we went in there with a plan to buy a new pair of flats and a tote bag I had been eye-ing (waiting for it to go on sale) only to find that I didn't like the flats as much as I thought I would and the tote bag was no where to be found :( Kinda bummed, so we went browsing around the store just to see what else we might find and stumbled upon some great deals that made me completely forget about my original plan.

We ended up with four pairs of shoes and an umbrella (for good measure :)) and almost unbelievably our total came to $11.11 and anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am obsessed with the sequence of multiple 1's

Here's what we got...

Each item breaks down to just $2.22!
1-Christian Siriano - Studded Heels - $11
1-Lower East Side - Grey Flats - $5
1-Air Walk - Kids Sneakers - $6
1-Air Walk - Adult Sneakers - $14.99
1-Tinker Bell Umbrella - $6.99

  $46.11 with tax
- $10.00 coupon
- $25 gift certificate
$11.11 oop

Regular price for these items would have been $112.95 which means I saved over $100!


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