Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY: Daughter's Room

This weekend I decided to redecorate/reorganize my daughter's room which included a great DIY idea I wanted to share. I spent $0.00 to revamp her room and here's how...

First - I wanted to create my own version of a toy corner hammock which you can buy at the store for anywhere from $10-$15 - but with the help of a sewing machine, I created my own for absolutely nothing by using some materials I had laying around the house. I simply took an old white curtain and cut it in half and then sown a double layer of fabric to reinforce the edge where I cut in order to securely hang the curtain from the corner - then I used a single hole punch and punched holes at the places where I would hang the curtain using hooks that I already had too, then we loaded our creation with all her stuffed animals and viola! What a cute way to display and store her beloved animals!

Second - She wanted to incorporate her favorite characters, the Chipettes, in her room. So we printed off a few pictures on some photo paper and found some old frames we had and painted them colors to coordinate with her room (which I got for free from a previous Valspar sample promotion and the recent Clark & Kensington promotion) - she loved this project as she got to paint the frames herself and is so proud that she had a hand in the look of her room :)

So take a look around your house, you may be surprised at what you can create with just a vision and some creativity!


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