Thursday, May 10, 2012

CVS: My Shopping Trip

Before sales and coupons = $164.04
After sales, coupons, rewards, and gift cards, I paid $4.50

I got a little thirsty before taking the pic so please excuse the half empty soda bottle lol :)
Here's what I got:
4-Crush sodas
2-Pantene Shampoos
2-Pantene Conditioners
2-Minute Clinic Body Washes
2-Hershey's syrups
2-Werther's candies
2-Crest Toothpastes
2-Lady Speed Stick deodorant
1-Creat Mouth Wash
1-Physician's Formula skin care
1-Neosporin ointment
2-Cottenelle Fresh Care refills
1-Fanta 12 pack
1-Sprite 12 pack
2-Good'nNatural bars
2-Twix bars
2-Colgate Total toothpastes
1-Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste
1-Skinny Cow chocolates
1-Weekly Pill Planner
4-Crystal Light singles

40 items for $4.50 = $0.11 cents per item

Isn't couponing amazing!?!?

Please comment below if you would like to see the full break down - Thanks!