Friday, January 17, 2014

Apply to Host a House Party!

Have you ever heard of House Party?! No, not quite that house!

House Party is a site that provides a super fun way to get the people you know together to try wonderful new products - for free! It doesn't cost anything to join and if you're selected to host a party, all the items in your party pack are completely free!

I've just been selected to host my third House Party!

Puffs® Kiss & Cry House Party   

Here's a peak in my party pack:
  • 1 Puffs® cube box
  • 1 Kiss & Cry backdrop poster
  • 1 Ceramic tumbler
  • 2 Cosmetic cases
  • 2 Dry erase boards
  • 2 "Gold" medal props
  • 12 Puffs® To Go packs
  • 12 Puffs® compact mirrors
  • 12 Plastic rose props
Check them out! Apply today to join in the fun!


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