Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Electronics and I are not friends!

I don't know what it is with me and electronics, but I've had to replace nearly every electronic I HAD this year *sigh* but thanks to all the money I've saved from couponing this year, I was able to replace them all at a cost I was happy about

First...both of my TVs basically died earlier in the year - but I couldn't be too mad as I've had one for 8 years and the other for about 6 years - who knows what the life expectancies are on those things anyway - so I found a great deal at Target which was offering a 10% off a TV purchase coupon on their website at the time + 5% off if you signed up for a Red Card, which I did happily and now I never shop without my Red Card at Target :) For the second TV, I lucked out when my office upgraded to a new training system, which included a new TV for our office, and my boss so generously let me have the old one for free - he's awesome like that :)

Second (or third, I suppose) my HTC Incredible 2 started malfunctioning and was found to be defective - luckily (but barely!) I was still within my warranty period so I was able to get a replacement at absolutely no charge - Thanks Verizon!

Then, as you've seen on a prior post, my laptop caught a virus that rendered it presumably unusable after nearly two weeks of trying everything to restore the system to no avail, so I wound up purchasing a new one. A short while later, I was able to finally fix my old laptop, after some help from a techy friend of mine, only to have the battery die out two weeks later *sigh* Dell wanted nearly $100 for a new one but being the fabulously frugal gal that I am, I found one on Ebay for just $16 bucks! Gotta love Ebay!

All that brings me to the present time, nowadays I'm freaking out because I am unable to print COUPONS as my printer refuses to cooperate with me - oh and I'm sure it doesn't help any that while calling myself trying to fix it from continually jamming a piece broke off into my hand - oops, did I do that! :) I also found a Lifesaver candy stuck in the back flap hmmmm...interesting...

Anywho, I'm currently seeking out a good deal to buy a new one that is compatible with my current ink cartridges because, of course, I have a stash of them already :)

So stay tuned...I'm sure I'll have a great deal to post for you soon

Thanks for reading :)


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