Saturday, June 23, 2012

Self-Check Out & Coupons

I made an exciting discovery today while at Walmart - you can use your coupons at the self-check out! (You may already know this but it was news to me!)

I was so excited about this because this means you can bypass having to deal with the non-coupon friendly cashiers who give you a hassle over using coupons which many of us have had bad experiences with unfortunately.

If you've never used self checkout - you simply scan the items yourself with the assistance of a touch screen computer - after scanning, select "Finish & Pay" and touch "Coupon" - then scan each of your coupons yourself and insert them into the Coupons In slot when prompted - so simple!

1 comment:

  1. When was this? The CVS self checkouts for years have allowed you to scan an unlimited amount of coupons on your own. However, just in the past couple of months, their systems have been reprogrammed to only accept a few coupons without help. The rest all need to be approved by a cashier. What a waste of time, huh?